Thursday, June 08, 2017

How Spirituality Helped Me Overcome Crippling Depression

[MindBodyGreen] My youth was filled with ups and downs. I lost my mom when I was a baby and my life was forever changed. This great disruption imprinted a deep loss in my heart and soul that, still to this day, I do not fully understand how to soothe. My family life growing up was highly dysfunctional, toxic, and abusive. For many years, I struggled to find my place in the world, had a hard time accepting who I was, and struggled with severe anxiety and depression.
I am an empathic, sensitive soul, and I often take on what others are feeling. Early on, I learned that I needed to put practices in place to keep me grounded and in touch with my own energy. Finding yoga and nutrition at 20 radically shifted my physical connection to myself, helping me nourish my body and mind with clean foods and restorative poses. But it also taught the importance of my relationship to spirit: to myself, the earth, and all of life.
This connection began to take precedence over fleeting happiness drawn in from material things and consumerism. I like a well-made product as much as the next gal, but the deep fulfillment that comes from matters of the heart is so much more important to me. The raw beauty of human connection and the love we share with our friends and family is spirit in its purest form. When I focus my attention on the connection to spirit, my whole life lights up.
The heart is the essence of spirituality. It’s where the soul meets body and we become aware of our inherent life force. It's where we feel deeply, open ourselves to love, and find tenderness when things become challenging. Connecting my mind and body by way of the heart was such a profound step for me. This integration of head and heart allowed me to listen to my intuition, tune into my body’s changing needs, feel more, and think less. Read More