Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Deep State vs. Head of State : Tr. Pluto opposes the USA Sun

(This is a terrific article by astrologer Edith Hathaway.)
[Edith Hathaway] Transiting Pluto opposite anyone’s natal Sun is an arresting phenomenon, confronting the person’s very identity and legitimacy on deep levels. There are no political or geographical boundaries to Pluto’s realm, just as with Plutonian elements such as radioactivity. Expand the implications to cover the first-ever Pluto opposition to the USA Sun. Pluto’s orbit is 248.4 years, and the Sun in the chart of a nation-state is the President, or Head of State; also the presidency. 
When one of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, is within a few degrees of a key point in a chart, that gets my attention – even if these planets are not considered an integral part of classical Vedic astrology. They also do not rule over zodiacal signs or nakshatras. But currently, transiting Pluto is within a 3 degree orb opposite the USA Sun (Kelleher chart) at 22:38 Gemini, using the sidereal zodiac/Lahiri ayanamsha. This occurred for much of 2015 and 2016 and runs all through 2017 up to Jan. 2018, coming also later in 2018: August to November (i.e. continuing within 3 degrees opposite the USA Sun). Previously, this transit covered the last two years of the Obama presidency and the entire period of the controversial 2016 U.S. Presidential primaries and election. We will focus here primarily on what this means for tr. Pluto opposite the USA Sun in 2017, with Donald J. Trump in the presidency as of Jan. 20, 2017. Additionally, we take a brief look at the years when tr. Pluto was in Virgo in the USA 10th house (the presidency), and when tr. Pluto was in Scorpio in the USA 12th house on Sept. 11, 2001.
When a planetary station occurs within a 3° orb of an important aspect, the effects are even more intense. In 2017 there are two close Pluto stations opposing the USA Sun: tr. Pluto turns Stationary Retrograde April 20, 2017 at 25:18 Sagittarius (2°40’ orb to USA Sun), and Stationary Direct Sept. 28, 2017 at 22:45 Sagittarius (07’ orb to USA Sun). The chart below shows the two Pluto stations in 2017 relative to the USA chart. (The Kelleher chart is used throughout.)
While we know that the U.S. President is represented by the Sun and the 10th house in the national chart, it is not always clear what or who Pluto represents. That is because Pluto refers to subterranean forces, often criminal, that do not want to be seen or identified while they do their work. Pluto correlates astrologically to radical changes and transformations that are often forced on us, much like in the myth of Pluto (also the Greek Hades) – who wanted the young Persephone, and in order to have her, he kidnapped her and brought her down to his kingdom in the underworld. But Persephone was the daughter of Demeter, goddess of the earth and the harvest. In mourning for her only child, she causes all the plants to wither and die. When Persephone is allowed to return to earth for half the year, the plants flourish once again. She then returns to Pluto in the underworld and the same thing happens all over again, year in and year out.
As mineral wealth is underground, Pluto is closely associated with immense wealth, also on a positive level with depth perception. Pluto’s tactics can be ruthless in his desire to preserve power, wealth and financial status. Pluto goes after whatever he wants in unlawful, unaccountable ways, with usually hidden operations. Known as the planet forcing radical changes, he tends to bring elimination and renewal. A total breakdown may happen before a rebuilding process can occur. As we see here, Plutonian forces can be easily identified with concepts such as the “Deep State.” Read More