Thursday, May 11, 2017

Authentic Mediumship – A Dying Art?

[The Otherside Press] My dear father died suddenly in 1980 – three months after assuring me that we would live forever. The shock catapulted me into a state of impossible grief and an unwitting spiritual odyssey in search of answers. Tough gig for a seventeen-year-old. Having grown up in a family where love was our religion, I had minuscule knowledge of death and flatly refused to accept the searing finality of it all.
Back in the day, I lived in Adelaide, South Australia, where talk of death and mediumship was taboo and soothsayers were written off as crackpots. So was I, for a while.
My first beacon of light arrived in the form of a book called ‘Many Mansions’ – an introduction to the fascinating world of eminent ‘sleeping prophet’ Edgar Cayce. Several enlightening books followed, including Dr. Raymond Moody’s groundbreaking ‘Life after Life.’ Spiritual books became my elixir.
The profound healing experience that accompanies authentic, evidential mediumship, arrived some twenty years later complete with a sketched portrait of my father. It completely floored me. The grievous years in between were akin to a train wreck. The profound healing experience that accompanies authentic, evidential mediumship, arrived some twenty years later,
Fast forward to present day cyberspace and the burgeoning ‘psychic medium industry.’ These Google results paint quite a picture:
  • Psychic medium’ = 3.9 million results
  • ‘Psychic medium google listings’ =6.5 million results
  • ‘Authentic psychic mediums’ = 1.2 million results
  • ‘Fake psychic mediums’ = 286,000 results.
  • ‘Spiritual healing’ = 63.8 million results.
Who would have guessed that mediumship would morph from taboo to trendy? An emerging breed of ‘psychic glitterati’ starring in stage and TV shows, hawking weekend workshops and online certificate courses that have us believe anyone can be a psychic medium. Death has never been so glamorous.
Perhaps I shouldn’t write about such things. Perhaps I shouldn’t have spent time at the Arthur Findlay College (UK) where I witnessed highly-attuned mediums provide detailed, evidential information to perfect strangers, right down to the full name, address, and red-checked tablecloth in the deceased person’s kitchen. Where ego-driven students strutted their stuff on stage before being swiftly cut down to size and counseled about the art of true mediumship. Where an entertaining yet overtly cynical workshop tutor said: ‘Only 1% of students have the gift of mediumship – everyone else is wasting their money.’
In my experience, authentic, highly-attuned mediums have been few and far between. I’ve learned that psychic and medium are two separate things, and psychics are not necessarily spiritual. We are all born with psychic abilities that can be developed over time, while mediumship is a different ball game. A ‘wannabe’ can spend thirty years developing mediumship skills and still be ‘mediocre’. There’s no harm in trying. Read More