Saturday, March 11, 2017

Life After Death: 3 Stories Of Reincarnation And What Happens After You Die

[Alternative Daily] Can our spirits survive death and be born again? Many people, including experts, believe they can. The following three case studies are only a few of thousands of stories documented by experts like Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Jim Tucker and Dr. Raymond Moody.
For as long as she remembered Jenny Cockwell knew she had lived before as Mary Sutton. Mary Sutton, an Irish woman, had died over 20 years before Cockwell was born. Her continual dream/memory left her worrying about the eight children that were left behind. Finally, after the birth of her own children, she knew it was time to search out her previous life. In her book, “Across Time and Death,” Cockwell tells the story of her reincarnation. Born in North London in 1953, Cockwell believes she had died in Malahide, Dublin in 1932 when her previous life as Mary Sutton came to an end.
Her story began when she was a child in the 1950s, haunted by images and memories of a town where she once lived. Cockwell drew pictures and used regression therapy to remember precise memories of her previous life. As a child, she was handed a world atlas and pointed straight to a map of Ireland. In fact, she even pinpointed the seaside town of Malahide in North County Dublin. The most vivid of all the memories was her death in 1932, at the age of 35.
Apparently, she had died in the Rotunda Hospital, soon after giving birth to her eighth child. “I remembered feeling so upset and guilty at leaving the children,” says Cockwell. “There was this sense of wanting to see what had happened to them and make sure they were alright.”
Cockwell’s memories were further vindicated when she tracked down a death certificate for Mary Sutton. She then made contact with Sutton’s surviving children Sonny, Phyllis, Betty, Frank and Mary. After convincing Sonny that she knew things about the family that only a relative could know, she compiled a profile of her former life. In 1990, she met Sonny — the man she believes she gave birth to in the previous life.
“He was amazed. After our first phone call he turned to his wife and said, ‘I think I have just been talking to my mother,’” recalls Cockwell.
Dr. Jim Tucker, associate professor of psychiatry and neurobehavioral sciences at the University of Virginia, has studied children between the ages of two and six years old who say they remember a past life. In his book, “Return to Life,” Tucker details some of the 2,500-plus cases he has studied through the years. Ryan, a boy from the Midwest who claims he is the reincarnation of a man who died more than 50 years ago, is one of those cases.
At four-years-old, Ryan woke up screaming in the middle of the night, pleading with his mother, Cyndi, to take him to the house where he’d “lived before.” Crying, he’d beg her to return him to his life in Hollywood, where he once owned a big house, pool and a custom-made Rolls Royce. Ryan believes he once lived as Marty Martyn, a former movie extra who later became a powerful Hollywood agent. “I can’t live in these conditions,” he told his mother. “My last home was much better.” Read More