Thursday, January 05, 2017

Predictions for 2017: Untangling 2017

by Lori Toye

Perhaps 2017 is one of the most important years we'll ever experience. And I say this with the knowledge that climate change and associated Earth Changes events are certainly accelerating alongside worldwide economic disparity and extreme political polarity. No doubt, we have entered the prophesied Time of Change, but what does that mean for us personally? Remember, this time is also about the great change within us and how our spiritual landscape helps to shape our external realities. Vedic Astrology offers revealing insights into the coming year's transformational changes—those we may experience and witness.

   Before we explore the upcoming movements of the planets, I’d like to share some important background regarding the astrological terminology that defines 2017 as a time of significant spiritual challenge, karmic entanglement, and hopefully release and resolve into personal and global redemption and healing.

   Gandanta is a Sanskrit term used in Vedic Astrology that is identified by certain degrees that planets transit as they egress from water signs and ingress into fire signs. The connection of water and fire houses signals a subtle connection where solar and lunar forces gather, and creates timely periods of spiritual growth for the soul that is usually significant and inordinately karmic. The etymology of gandanta is divided into two parts: gand means “knot” and anta means “the end.” So this literally represents a tightly wound knot located at the end of a string of karmic actions, and the more one engages in loosening the entanglement, the more rigid and unyielding the knot becomes. Planets transiting through or placed (natally) in these positions create spiritual crisis, and in order to move forward and loosen the knot, one must face the personal traumas and turmoil that led to the creation of an often deep and sometimes hidden inner struggle. Confronting life’s problems is far from easy, but through this process the soul awakens and transforms. This new level of conscious awareness releases the knot and often leads one to an entirely new cycle of spiritual growth and evolution.

   There are different viewpoints of gandanta among Vedic Astrologers and some claim that the experience of a gandanta planet creates a feeling of being totally out of control, so much that one is “nearly drowning” in their tangled psychology. Some interpretations are not positive at all; in fact it is considered an “evil condition” that portends suffering, even death. Yet from a transformative point of view, it defines a spiritual death of sorts, and depicts the necessary shedding of one’s skin in order to grow, change, and evolve. Gandanta contains two distinct movements based on an everyday knowledge of the elements. When water encounters fire, water sputters and boils—astrologers describe this as a form of spiritual steam that intensifies certain events and incites our spiritual growth. Reversely, when a planet is moving in retrograde motion (a backwards movement) from fire to water, our spiritual passion is doused and we become drenched in inertia and an inability to move in any direction whatsoever. Read More