Saturday, December 24, 2016

What humans will look like in 100 years: Expert reveals the genetically modified bodies we'll need to survive

[Daily Mail] Genetic modification has given us the potential to make humankind stronger, faster, and more resilient to disease.
But each artificial enhancement humanity makes carries the risk of generating a new class of 'super humans'.
This, however, is the risk we need to take in order to survive the next mass extinction, according to one Harvard researcher.
Juan Enríquez argues that artificially enhanced genes, cells, and organs will be needed to get off Earth and on to another planet.
Mr Enríquez envisions a future in which human cells can repair themselves from radiation, fight off deadly viruses like HIV with ease, and even dodge bullets.
In a recent TED talk, Mr Enríquez said: 'It's going to be really hard to live on Mars if we don't modify the human body.
'Modifications will allow us to explore, live, and get to places we wouldn't even dream of today.'
There have been five mass-extinction events in Earth's history, and  Mr Enríquez argues it is very likely the human race will experience one in the future.
Super volcanoes, an asteroid, or solar flares could wipe out humanity in an instant.
'If you believe that extinctions are common and natural and normal, and occur periodically, it becomes a moral imperative to diversify our species,' Mr Enríquez says.
'If Earth goes, all of humanity goes.' 
The Harvard researcher explains how genetic modification could be used to upgrade the human genome over the next century. Read More