Monday, November 14, 2016

Future Messages

by Craig Howell
It is now November and from what I have heard, we are approaching a critical time on Earth. It is more important than ever to become grounded and centered. Meditate, pray for peace and for the highest good to come about. Know that whatever comes down the line in the next years are the signs of the crumbling of a controlled, corrupted, co-opted reality and the birth of a new, more authentic way of living. The birth process is miraculous, but it is messy and sometimes overwhelming, so we must stay calm with no fear and see this transition through to better times.
Sorry for the ominous beginning, but I just want everyone to be aware that the changes are speeding up. At the same time, we are heading toward a closer relationship with the Earth and with each other. We are living in a time of great confusion and uncertainty for most, yet people are awakening very quickly and are able to see through the fog that is the third dimension. They can sense truth more easily, intuitively know when something is “not right” and are willing to do something about it. Know that through your spiritual practices, an objective stance and the release of fear, you can protect yourself while contributing a positive force to the energetic changes that are occurring now.           
Free Will
All my life I have searched for the truth. I’ve always wanted to know what is really going on here on Earth, both spiritually and in the physical world we call “reality.” In the end, the one answer to everything was: “energy.“ Our energy creates our reality. Energy is the reality first and foremost. This energy is a part of everything and waits for us to call it forth. We have the choice of how to use this energy as we have free will.
For better or worse, this is a free will planet, so along with any positive shifts, we are experiencing the daily atrocities and wars that one can see in the news stemming from the negative use of this gift. People say if God existed, He wouldn’t let these things happen, but again -- free will. Yes there is the occasional miracle when the stars align, figuratively speaking, and the energy is so concentrated in one direction that, boom, it happens, reality follows, and we are amazed. We start to think, yes, this could happen more often, and it can. But then we forget how powerful we are and return to our lower natures, the bickering and petty issues, the attention to our fears, which then manifest. Such is the third dimensional condition we live under at this time. But things are shifting extremely quickly. We are in evolution overdirve. Read More