Thursday, October 20, 2016

Experts come forward to answer questions about the dark reality of chemtrails

[Natural News] Whenever most people hear the terms "chemtrails" and "weather modification" they tend to roll their eyes and classify the person talking about those subjects as a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy nut. Fewer people recognize the term "geo-engineering," but all three of these refer to the same thing: cloud-seeding to create weather patterns in order to effect a certain climate outcome for a region.

As noted earlier in a report by Natural News, the concept isn't new. In fact, it can be traced at least to a 1996 Air Force research paper, which identified "weather" as a potential "force multiplier" – that is, weather can be used as a means of enhancing U.S. military forces during a conflict.

In more recent times, actual companies have sprung up that offer weather modification services in response to the need of governments to manage water resources and monitor "environmental quality." Cloud-seeding – a scientific technique designed to "enhance a cloud's ability to produce moisture" – is one of these services.

So, clearly there isn't any wild conspiracy here. In fact, as reported by Secrets of the Fed, pilots, scientists and doctors in this video reveal the truth about chemtrails – what they are, why they are being deployed, and what they mean to the overall health of the human race and the planet. One of the people providing testimony at a forum on the subject called them a "threat" to humanity. Read More