Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Kitchen Medicines: 10 Delicious Medicinal Foods That Belong in Every Kitchen

[Conscious Lifestyle] No herbalist should be caught without some recourse in the event of illness or injury. Sometimes the simple application of ice or cold water to an inflammation or a hot salt bath to relieve muscle pain is all it takes. 
And we should all have herbs and spices—themselves powerful medicinal foods—waiting on the kitchen shelf, if we just know how to use them.
Please only buy and use organic herbs, spices and medicinal foods. Non-organic, commercially grown herbs are sprayed with bee- and butterfly-killing pesticides such as nicotinamides, and dried non-organic herbs contain concentrated amounts of pesticide residue, which bioaccumulates in human tissue. By purchasing organic herbs and spices you will be doing your part to encourage organic farming, a practice that can ultimately preserve life on Earth.

Basil (Ocimum basilicum)

Use the fresh or dried leaves of this delicious medicinal food to soothe digestion, stomach cramps, and constipation and to ease headaches and depression. The tea will help the lungs when there is catarrh.

Black Pepper (Piper nigrum)

Black pepper is a powerful medicinal food that stimulates digestion and relieves gas. It is warming to the body and helps neutralize toxins when added to meat dishes. Add a few peppercorns to a medicinal decoction when you have a cold. You can also mix powdered black pepper with honey and eat it to help remove phlegm from your system.

Cayenne (Capsicum annuum)

Cayenne is wonderful medicinal food for moving phlegm out of your system—add a pinch to any herbal tea when you are suffering a cold. It actually ­benefits digestion and can help ward off illness when flu and colds are making the rounds. Take a capsule a day to avoid getting a cold, but avoid overuse and never take Cayenne capsules on an empty stomach! (It won’t hurt you but you will regret it; the burning can be intense.)
Mix Cayenne pepper with vinegar and rub the liniment into arthritic joints. If you cut yourself with a knife in the kitchen, reach for the powdered Cayenne. It aids in clotting and stops bleeding (just don’t get any into your eyes—it stings like crazy). Read More