Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Being A Master

[Ascension Messages] You have embraced many spiritual teachings, learned healing modalities, kept up with cutting edge, esoteric discoveries, and remained positive and uplifted. All your efforts have been helpful in understanding the realities that lie before the community of Masters, now living in the New Era. What exactly is a Master?
True Masterhood is more than just learning. It is Being, maintaining all aspects of your Light Body in a coherent, clear, consistently enlightened state. Think about the great Masters that have walked the Earth, what made them different from those that recognized their specialness? It was not necessarily how much spiritual knowledge they had, but the balance they had created in their lives and the Love they showed others. In fact, when they are remembered, it is for the simplest acts of kindness, which showed them to be operating at the highest level of the human experience. The explanation that has been given over the ages is that these beings were Divine. Masters recognize that everyone is Divine, so that cannot be all there is to being a Master. The Masters that walked the Earth were human, so there must have been something else that made them stand out from the crowd, and in fact, there was. They were Avatars.
An Avatar is a being whose vibration is so high that it raises that of humanity, just by their being alive on Earth. What makes the vibration high is the amount of DNA that is activated in that individual. The Masters that have walked the Earth, Jesus, Buddha, St. Germain were all operating with conscious access to much more of their DNA than most people alive today. When this happens, the amount of Light that is being generated by the person, which, is also integrated into the Crystalline Grid, raises the vibration of humanity as a whole. It keeps the human race from sinking so low that it could no longer continue. So in essence, when it is said that Jesus was a savior, from a certain point of view he was. Just by being on Earth, in the full human capacity, so that all humanity could see what was possible, he brought with him the lift that was needed at the time. In addition, the blueprint of humanity was realigned to an updated version. It is rather like going from Human 2.0 to Human 3.0.
The blueprint of the Higher Self of each person is imbedded in the DNA, which is why connecting with your Higher Self is the first step in the Conscious Human Evolutionary process. The process of becoming your Higher Self is the Rite of Passage into Masterhood. Similarly, the combined energy of all humans that have ever lived on Earth is stored in the esoteric Crystalline Grid of the Earth. Power spots, which exist by Grace, bring forth a continuous influx of higher telluric energy. These places help to stabilize the Earth’s overall vibration. The Crystalline Grid, responds to and records the energy of humanity as a whole. This is obvious to anyone who observes the current condition of the human race compared to that of the Earth’s surface. Read More