Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The giant ball that could save your life in a catastrophe: The Survival Capsule designed to withstand tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes

[Daily Mail] It may look like a giant snooker ball, but this spherical capsule could save your life.
When a natural disaster strikes, whether it is a tsunami or earthquake, there are very few places to find shelter. 
But now, The Survival Capsule - a personal safety system in the form of a giant ball - has been designed to combat this issue. 
This capsule, which features two small porthole windows so the occupants can see what is going on around them, was created to give individual groups and families more control of their survival in emergency situation than traditional 'safe houses.'
Julian Sharpe, founder of The Survival Capsule, said: 'It gives [people] an option of having a security system on their own property which is easily accessible day or night and really gives the family a safe security they wouldn't otherwise have.' 
The capsule is designed as a 'variable disaster solution', according to the designers. 
It is designed to float so it will never be inundated by water levels rising too high, as they do in tsunami situations. 
A self-righting system, using water bladders in the bottom, prevent it from rolling upside down.
It can also be tethered to prevent it being washed away with the occupants inside. 
The designers of the capsule, which is made from a hardened aluminium shell and frame, is insulated to keep the occupants warm.
It is intended to keep those inside safe during the initial post-disaster period before rescue crews and relief workers have arrived on the scene.
The capsule was designed by a team of aerospace engineers, whose main aim was to make the pod as strong and durable as possible.  
In its initial testing, the designers used a test programme similar to those used in the aerospace industry to examine the strength and survivability of the capsule. Read More