Thursday, February 04, 2016

Fields of Light: Master Your Light Within and Without

[] Would you let go of everything and everyone you’ve ever known, and move 1200 miles to a desert you’ve never been to, just to fulfill a spiritual mission presented to you by Ascended Masters?  That is what author and mystic Lori Toye did, when she committed herself to be of service to a host of Spiritual Teachers, not of this Earth plane. She promptly uprooted from her childhood environment, and moved her family to Socorro, New Mexico, with her new partner Lenard. This book, Fields of Light, is a result of that move. It functions as a spiritual map of sorts. It allows us to see how our choices can lead us down roads not previously taken. But these roads are not just common roads; they present those on the path with unique opportunities and challenges. Traveling these roads means letting go of the norm and having the courage to step outside one’s comfort zone. It means dropping the safety net that often keeps us from seeking and learning beyond the current confines of our environment;  physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. It also means letting go of everything that has become familiar to us, to discover unknown regions of ourselves and seek new opportunities in unknown environments.
These paths often require radical changes. That’s because small changes do not challenge us and radical changes will move us. They are meant for our own spiritual development, to push the soul into a state of acceptance, detachment, sacrifice, and forgiveness.  This typically requires another person or an outside relationship that will create challenges that move us toward love and light.
Fields of Light, is not only about the paths that we take out of our comfort zones, it is about the light that is created through pursuing our higher mission, facing challenging partnerships, dealing with the inevitable results of our choices, resolving seemingly unsolvable problems, and connecting with spirit and the higher realms to find spiritual solace, love, resolution, and finally our inner light. The techniques in this book, presented by the Ascended Masters, help spiritual seekers find, Master, and contain the light within and without. Read More