Thursday, February 04, 2016

Asteroid to fly 21 times closer to Earth than the moon NEXT MONTH

[ExpressCo]On March 5th, an asteroid dubbed 2013 TX68 might pass by just 11,000 miles away – the moon is 238,000 miles away.
The asteroid was first discovered in 2013 when it made it’s first fly-by, but this time it could come even closer.
However, on the other hand, Nasa states that it may be up to 9 million miles away.
The space agency has been unable to get an accurate prediction on it’s orbit because it is a newly discovered asteroid.
Paul Chodas of NASA's Center for Near Earth Object Studies said: "This asteroid's orbit is quite uncertain, and it will be hard to predict where to look for it.
"There is a chance that the asteroid will be picked up by our asteroid search telescopes when it safely flies past us next month, providing us with data to more precisely define its orbit around the sun.”
The next time the asteroid is due for a flyby is in 2017, when the odds that it will crash into Earth are one in 250 million.
Although the chances seem slim, it is more likely that 2013 TX68 will plough into Earth next year than it was to win last weeks Powerball jackpot in the US, when odds were one in 292 million. Read More