Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thinking Like a Planet

[Lorian Association] Hearing the stories of weather-based emergencies in the nightly news my thoughts and prayers go out to those communities that are impacted. Such extreme events are reported almost weekly these days. Whether we see the climatic conditions now impacting us as arising from human activity or as normal planetary cycles and fluctuations, the question becomes a planetary one. How can we establish a new balance for our flora, fauna and human communities within these extreme conditions?
In its work, Lorian offers the perspective that in order to deal with such interconnected, planetary complexities we need to operate from a larger perspective, one that includes the nonphysical intelligences of earth’s subtle ecology. We suggest the exploration of a living universe that extends spherically beyond the physical environment into subtle realms of life and consciousness.
My own introduction to a conscious, living universe came during my time in the Findhorn Foundation 45 years ago. I was introduced there to the possibility that there were natural intelligences existing and operating at levels beyond physical ecology. The proof of the theory was in the garden itself – a collaboration between different realms of life and consciousness with the challenge of growing food in Northern Scotland’s conditions. Through intuitive and meditative connections to their own sacredness and to the sacredness within nature, the gardeners made contact with the invisible intelligences of nature operating within their environment. The insights and information gained from such contact was then given practical application through organic gardening principles seated in an intentional, loving awareness. Subtle intelligences and human collaborators ‘communicated’ through intentional qualities of love and joy and developed relationships based in identity, partnership, service and cooperation. The result was a garden that by all known horticultural standards should not have existed where it did under the prevailing conditions.
The promise of collaboration across different realms of life and consciousness that emerged in Findhorn’s experiment is only the beginning of what is possible, a road sign pointing out a direction. Linking subtle levels of consciousness with practical physical manifestation is still cutting edge exploration. Further, such experiments should not be limited to a special place like Findhorn or to some clinical laboratory. We each have the possibility of adding to this field of understanding. Each of us where we are can be an explorer into an interconnected and co-creative landscape of life that transcends the boundaries of physical and non-physical being.
Our imagination for a planetary future cannot exclude any levels of the planet’s intelligence. Einstein said that problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them. Thinking on behalf of a planet requires we participate in an interconnected field of thought and action that humanity cannot create on its own. Our planet’s future requires the creative collaboration of many consciousnesses, human and non-human, physical and non-physical. Learn More