Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Bio-Geo Engineering Extinction Level Event

[NewswithViews] Ever notice that the skies are not a deep blue color anymore, but rather a dull milky white most of the time? Ever look up and notice how the spray left by jets lingers for hours and spreads out and falls. Ever notice those patches of trees in the forest that appear to be dying or dead? Ever heard of so many respiratory and skin problems with family and friends like Morgellans, and COPD? Ever see such weather devastation on the planet?
If you have noticed any of these things then you are witnessing BG engineering (bio-geo-engineering) in action. The consequences are extreme and most people don’t realize we’re being fumigated like bugs.
The entire globe is being sprayed under the auspices of climate change formerly known as global warming. That term was changed when it proved to make them look like the liars that they are.
The spray in concert with HAARP is used to divert weather patterns like a weapon on unsuspecting countries or states. These weather weapons are being used right now to cause a drought in California and Oregon. [HAARP Pictures]
Weather weapons are nothing new since they were used on the Ho-Chi-Mein trail in Vietnam to bring in a monsoon to halt the advancement of the enemy. China, Russia, and the USSA all have these weather weapons.
One thing for sure is this country and the world are at extinction level pollution levels. For instance:
Radioactive pollution from Fukushima encircling the northern hemisphere, if that’s not bad enough.
Noise pollution.
RF pollution from, cell phones, cell towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi transmissions, and computers.
Indoor pollution from all the chemicals and waste in our home.
Pollution from the personal hygiene products.
Pollution from all the pharmaceutical drugs and street drugs consumed.
Pollution from the toxic chemicals we use on our clothing and the chemicals used to make them.
Pollution from all the toxic chemicals in/on our food/alcohol/ and our water.
Pollution from the toxins in our silverware, plates, and dishes.
Pollution from round-up and other toxic garden products.
Pollution from radioactive/chemical toxins from power generation.
Finally pollution from BG-engineering. This is the worst of them all, because nobody is exempt, nobody gave their permission, and nobody had a choice in the matter. We can clean up our environment, go organic, eat/get healthier, exercise, buy better cloths, grow a garden, but it would all be in vain as long as BG engineering continues unabated.  
When you combine many of these chemicals with others they have a synergistic effect and are exponentially more powerful. As for most of this pollution goes, we could change life styles and have a choice in every matter but BG engineering is not up for notification, change, or debate.
We all breathe, drink, bath, eat, and wear, these accumulative poisons every day and night. It won’t be long before your body reaches a critical mass and breaks down into disease. No matter how healthy we are, we will all eventually succumb to this. Read More