Saturday, July 25, 2015

Into the Matrix

[Huffington Post] For centuries, writers in the science fiction genre have put into words concepts that when viewed at first blush, appear to be set in a framework of fantasy. Is it possible these concepts are so real, yet our mind has no relational context other than through the use of metaphoric analogy?
Could explorers into alternative planes of consciousness be describing their spiritual and mystical journeys in a way where these experiences could best be understood by others?
In recent weeks I had the pleasure of interviewing Scott Mandelker, Ph.D. Scott has an M.A. in Integral Counseling and a Ph.D. in East-West Psychology from CIIS in San Francisco. His dissertation was the basis of his first book, From Elsewhere: Being ET in America, using an ethnographic and qualitative approach focused on 'the subculture of people' who come to know they are "wanderers" or "from elsewhere."
During the introduction and overview of his academic credentials, Dr. Mandelker gave a brief story of how he became interested in his line of work. It seems he had a kind of existential crisis early on in life, and was driven to discover, what he called, "a way forward or a place in this world" -- realizing only later that his experiences were quite characteristic of the group he later studied, those who may be called "wanderers."
To learn more of what the premise of being "from elsewhere" is all about, you may wish to visit his sites, where Dr. Mandelker explains his work in great detail.
In my interview, we considered the idea that there are two veils that limit our comprehension of reality -- veils greatly affecting our understanding of self and the way of self-actualization. Living in a narrow space within a kind of enclosure by the veils, we try to garner knowledge of the world around us in an attempt to learn and become well-adapted humans. Scott refers to these two veils as "the Social Matrix" and "the Cosmic Matrix."
To the metaphysical newcomer, these concepts may sound confusing or even overwhelming. So let's us take a step back and begin by explaining how the term "Matrix" is being utilized.
In Dr. Mandelker's interpretation of the Law Of One (five volumes of channeled work also known as The Ra Material) -- which he has studied for over thirty years -- the Cosmic Matrix is also referred to as "the veil of forgetting", and was designed by what Ra calls, "the One Infinite Creator" or the Logos. But the purpose of this in-built limitation to human experience was to stimulate soul evolution -- and not to harm us in any way.
In this kind of "spiritual forgetting" we are faced with an irritant, like a catalyst or accelerant for personal seeking and development. According to this view, before birth and prior to arriving on the physical plane, we knew the lessons and personal challenges that we'd set forth as a kind of 'life curriculum' for personal development. And after we depart the physical world, we once again reconcile with a broader spiritual knowing, including how we faced those predetermined lessons. Read More