Friday, July 03, 2015

Climate change will see parts of cities under water - Robinson

[Irish Times] Many people living along the coast of cities could find their homes under water with even a moderate sea-level change, former Irish president Mary Robinson has warned.
The United Nations special envoy for climate change said it was predicted 200 million people could be climate displaced people by the end of the century.
“And, if we are not careful, by 2050,” she said.

“We are talking about the fact that an awful lot of people live on the coast in parts of cities will be under water if sea levels rise by even a fairly moderate amount. And the prediction with the 4-degree world will be three times that.”
The former president said although the global goal was stay below 2 degrees, scientists had told her the earth was on course for 4 degrees over this time frame.
Ms Robinson said families in the Pacific Islands were faced with a “real threat to their existence” because of climate change.
“I see communities faced every day with the erosions of their gardens, of their walls,” she said.
“It’s quite incredible that families are faced with a real threat to their existence, in some cases, and certainly to their food production.”
She said a 4-degree rise would be “catastrophic” if it happened.
“It is cyclones beyond belief. It is whole cities like Miami going underwater. And we’re facing that,” she said. Read More