Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Uranus Square Pluto = CHANGE in 2011-2015 What you don’t know can hurt you!

[21st Century Radio] by Dr. Bob Hieronimus  The purpose of this communication is to inform you briefly on the upcoming astrological event, Uranus Square Pluto, hitting exact on March 17, 2015. On this date and several days before and after that we suggest you and your loved ones keep your eyes and ears open and spend the maximum time you can in a safe and secure place.
Many astrologers consider this transit of Uranus Square Pluto as one of the most significant and challenging planetary influences for a generation. Some will say that war and natural disasters are almost a given. Others will point to the rise in dictatorships, ruthless international corporations, rigid theocracies and citizen protests that sprang up in our recent past when Uranus was Square Pluto, as in 1930s and 1960s.
You may laugh at astrology, but we've never met a person who has seriously studied astrology who didn't benefit from it. Here's a short course: Uranus represents CHANGE. It usually heralds times of invention, revolution and higher awareness. When it is in a square position (conflicted) with Pluto you get even bigger change. Pluto represents globalization, destruction, transformation and renewal. Both planets represent change!
In 1969 Dr. Bob completed his first mural for Johns Hopkins University called "The Apocalypse". It is 2,700 square feet and covers a large room and stairwell and two ceilings. It was not about the end of the planet, but vast CHANGES. At that time he foresaw changes in our climate brought about by humans who value the almighty dollar and gold above all else, including human life and the corporate powers behind our nation's decline. Maryland Public Television documented this and other murals he completed in a special called "The Artist of Savitria" that aired on PBS in the early 70s.
We see the events transpiring in 2015 reflected in this mural's story told 45 years ago – we are now facing near complete corporate domination and climactically great change!
It's most difficult to mark a passage when we are still living inside of it, but we wonder if in the future we will look back on this time period and see it as an onslaught of violence, terrorism, climate change, market collapse, ruthless international corporations, fear of nuclear war, rising anti-Semitism and extreme fundamentalism. It's easier to see historical shifts related to Uranus Square Pluto when they are in the past. From 1932-1934 Uranus was Square Pluto and we experienced a Great Depression, political and social upheaval, and the rise of dictators and extremism. By January 1933 Adolf Hitler had cemented his power.
In a more recent Uranus conjunct Pluto (like all planetary pair cycles, the Uranus-Pluto cycle begins at the conjunction) from 1963-1969, America experienced an upswelling of flower power, people who wanted to make love and not war, who were rebelling against their parents, authority and the establishment. Later these peace movements were infiltrated by others whose use of violence led to civil discord and the 1968 riots at Chicago's Democratic Convention and marches on the Pentagon. Read More