Tuesday, March 24, 2015

California Has Only One Year of Water Supply Left

[Science TimesA senior scientist at NASA has recently presaged that California has enough water to serve its citizens for only one more year.  
What NASA Says?
There are several reasons behind this brisk depletion of water supply. Famiglietti, an expert water management scientist working at Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, has expressed his thoughts in LA Times's editorial column published in the previous week.
In this column, Famiglietti speaks about the existing water levels of California and highlights the contribution of populace into water management.
According to Famiglietti, California should create strategic plans for unforeseen events so as to build power to fight against unrelenting droughts similar to this one. It is completely futile to stay in such disaster situations. No preset paddles are available to find a way through this crisis. The water management of the state is multifaceted and a bit complicated; however the expertise and recent trends in technology exist to win over this traumatic future.
Since 2002, prior to the draught commenced, California has constantly shown a stable declination in its water storage. Scientists at NASA are testing the role of climate into this drought. They strongly believe that the climate changes can pull a drought like situation. A recent experiment carried out by Stanford Researchers proved that soaring temperature increases the possibility of droughts.
Advice to Public:
At last, Famiglietti provides a warm advice to the citizens of California that they should preserve water to prevent the biggest drought ahead. A team of state's leading water management specialists should be created. This team should be free from the agencies and private organizations.
This team should sketch some long-lasting and enduring plans to fight against water scarcity like issues. A "Mega-Drought" which is supposed to continue for up to 35 years can be defeated through proper management of current resources of water.