Thursday, July 10, 2014


Lori Toye didn’t know that her life would change forever when she entered the little shop that day long ago to pick up an ad when she was advertising manager for a small newspaper. “You have work to do for Master Saint Germain!” exclaimed the proprietor. The compelling words caused Lori Toye to set her notebook down on the counter and ask, “Who is Saint Germain?”
Much has changed since 1989 and her first extraordinary dream of a Map in 1983. As revealed by the Ascended Masters who visited Lori, their prophetic message of geographic change has been featured on NBC, FOX, UPN, The New York Times, Art Bell and London’s Carlton Television.
In 1989, Lori and her husband Len established I AM America, a small company that publishes and distributes some of the most thought-provoking spiritual information you’ll encounter. Its Earth Changes Prophecy material is controversial and mind expanding, yet, like all prophecy—from ancient times to the present—its ideal purpose is to illuminate the role of our choices in creating the world we experience. 
Now, years later, Toye’s I AM America company is an educational and publishing foundation dedicated to disseminating the Ascended Masters’ message of Earth Changes Prophecy and Spiritual Teachings for self-development.
Their first publication was the I AM America Map, which was published in September 1989. Since then they have published three more prophecy maps, nine books, a video and numerous audios based on the channeled sessions with the Spiritual Teachers.
Toye’s journey introduced Lori to some of the most exceptional and inspirational information she had ever encountered. Raised in the conventional customs of a small central Idaho farming community and the conservative Missouri Synod Lutheran Church, Lori had never heard of subjects like meditation, spiritual development, or reincarnation. For the next five years, Lori’s journey into this enlightened knowledge deepened as she explored meditation, visualization, spiritual healing and past life regression.
She has now written a trilogy, which is the definitive guide to the teachings she received. The first book, A Teacher Appears lets us know that there is a Divine Plan for a world of peace and prosperity and the Ascended Masters are here to assist us. They have literally gone before us and live in harmony, non-judgment, and service. Accepting a Master Teacher is a way to join forces and learn how to build a New Day of Freedom and Joy for All. The Ascended Masters bring us a global way of thinking and acting.
The second book, Sisters of the Flame, is an exquisitely timed labor of love for those concerned on how to “Be” in our present age of chaotic world events and ever-increasing Earth changes. The book is an invaluable blueprint for those who are intent upon raising their own spiritual awareness and Higher Selves. We are shown how to correct self and our environment – a sacred and urgent task. Lori Toye’s guided messages from the Ascended Masters (principally Saint Germain) convey much comfort to the reader, making one realize that the human race is standing at the precipice of a Golden Age. Her messages state that this New Age can emerge as it was intended to be, but it depends principally on the reciprocal healing of Mother Earth and us through feminine energies – the recognized underbelly of spiritual change and clarity. 
The third and much anticipated final book of the trilogy is currently in progress, “Fields of Light,” and sums up the teachings and shows the way for all truth seekers. Read More