Thursday, July 10, 2014

Coming Earth Changes – Water, Water Everywhere

(2012 BlogSpot)
All you have to do is say “Earth Changes” and there is an immediate gut reaction of anxiety. We never know exactly when they will occur or how bad they will be. We know they are happening more and more and will continue to happen, as we are in a cycle of change. The only thing we can do is try to be as prepared as possible (mentally, physically and spiritually) when they happen.

This is one of the reasons why I write these posts. I want to get everyone used to the idea that the Earth is shifting. The poles are shifting. The core is shifting. The oceans and waterways are shifting. We are shifting. The consciousness is shifting. It is a time of accelerated changes which are being seen and felt now, and may last a good long time after we are gone, but I think that we will witness many of these changes in our lifetime. If you are living here now, you were meant to experience this and you have a part to play.

As the Earth and the climates change, so do weather patterns, which then affect crops and the food supply, including distribution. It also can affect the electric grid and produce power outages, sometimes for long lengths of time. It is possible that we all will be touched by these scenarios in some way. We have to accept that we may have to be more self-sufficient at some point. This is why it is advised to start learning how to grow your food and purify your water. Get to know your neighbors. Your community and your friends will become each others’ lifeline. Don’t rely on the government for help; they will be having their own emergencies to deal with.

Lynn, of Psychic Focus Blog ( ) has some interesting posts about Earth Changes in the near future and the problems that come with them. Lori Toye ( ) has also written and spoken on this for a long time and I will share some of her views on this too, as I understand them. Read More