Sunday, May 18, 2014

Earth's future - and the end of the universe - revealed: Amazing simulation shows how EVERYTHING will end

(DailyMail)  How will the universe end - with a bang or with a whimper?
According to this video it is very much the latter, but only after all life on Earth has long since disappeared.
Host Joe Hanson (@jtotheizzoe) takes us on a journey from near future to far future, and ultimately shows us how the universe might come to an end.In the video called 'The Far Future of the Universe' he starts with the postulation that most people on Earth alive today won’t be around in 100 years.
In 100,000 years the position of Earth in the Milky Way will have changed to such a degree that the constellations will look completely different in the night sky.
Any time in the next 500,000 years, meanwhile, we can expect Earth to be hit by an asteroid large enough to significantly alter our climate.
In 600 million years photosynthesis becomes impossible as too much carbon dioxide gets trapped in Earth's crust.
A billion years from today all multicellular life, including us, will be eradicated as the sun boils our oceans and destroys our greenery according to Hanson.
‘We wouldn’t want to be around for what comes next anyway,’ he jokes. Read More