Friday, April 25, 2014

Radiation Testing Initiative

This information comes from Ted Mahr, from Out of this World Alternative Talk

AN ACT Relating to Public Health and Safety and the policy of the State of Washington under Chapter 70, Revised Code of Washington; the testing of radiation levels in the air and waters of Washington and that of it’s shellfish, fish, and other marine life; the standards relating to these radiation levels to protect the citizens’ public health and safety; and in the furtherance of the protection of the health and safety of the citizens of Washington, a mandatory directive for the Governor of Washington to immediately consult with the Governors of Oregon, California, Alaska, Hawaii, and the Premier of British Columbia (Canada) to establish a intergovernmental task force within 30 days to contact the Japanese Government and provide whatever assistance necessary to stop the 430 tons of extremely radioactive water from being dumped daily into the Pacific Ocean.  The Act declares this to be an emergency and to go into effect as soon as possible.


 NEW SECTION.  Sec. 1.

The People find that:

(1) The Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan is at least 100 times worse (in terms of radiation) than the nuclear accident at Chernobyl, and already 900 quadrillion or a thousand trillion Becquerels have been released from Fukushima from 85 million gallons of extremely radioactive water, which have been dumped into the Pacific;

(2) Every day, up to 450 tons of extremely radioactive water are being dumped into the Pacific Ocean, or 80,000 gallons per day (with no end in sight), and there are absolutely no plans by the U.S. Federal or state governments, nor in Japan to put a stop to this horrendous whole scale pollution of the Pacific Ocean, nor to test the air, water, and fish and marine life;

(3) Radiation from Fukushima is now reaching the air and ocean waters of Washington and other states and the Province of British Columbia;

(4) The water borne radiation coming from Fukushima to the Pacific Ocean along the Washington Coast is ten times more radiation than all the atomic bombs dropped since Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II;

(5) The radiation is concentrating in the fish, shellfish, and marine life in Washington waters which threaten the health and safety of Washington’s citizens, and it’s seafood, fishing, and tourist industries, as well as all living things;

(6) In response, both the U.S. Federal Government, namely the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Washington State Department of Health and Washington Governor Inslee have refused to authorize the testing the waters, shellfish, fish, and marine life of the Pacific Ocean, and in fact the Obama Administration and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have raised what is called the “Protective Action Guides” or PAGs to allow long term public exposure to radiation as high as 2000 millirems.  This would in effect increase a longstanding 1 in 10,000 person cancer rate to a rate of 1 in 23 persons exposed over a 30 year period, resulting in a dramatic increase in cancer and other deaths. In fact, in response to Fukushima, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has shut down 8 of their radiation monitoring stations;

(7) The Obama Administration has also increased the “acceptable” level of radioactive exposure from the Fukushima nuclear accident to 1,200 Becquerels per kilogram.  In contrast, Canada allows 1000 Becquerels per kilogram and Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare only allows amounts of down to 1 Becquerel of alpha-emitting nuclides of plutonium in drinking water and milk and diary products.

(8) There is no safe level of radiation and the new Obama radiation standards mean that many more people will now die from cancer and other radiation induced illnesses.  The People find that Obama’s new radiation standards are severely inadequate to provide any protection whatsoever to the citizens and people of Washington State.  Thus, the People find that new, lower standards will need to be immediately implemented.

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