Monday, April 07, 2014

Climate change could turn focus on Prairies for food production

This news article matches prophecies contained in the I AM America Teachings. - Lori

By Colette Derworiz, Calgary Herald

With an international report on climate change identifying the impact of warming temperatures on land and water, experts in prairie agriculture say the industry needs to adapt so it can help meet the global demand for food.A report, Moving Toward Prairie Agriculture 2050, was presented last week at the Alberta Institute of Agrologists annual conference in Banff, where they addressed issues affecting the Prairie province’s economy — particularly agriculture, food and the environment.
The so-called green paper, which relied on the work of 23 experts in their field, discusses the need for agriculture to respond to climate change.
“There will be a great global demand on the Prairies to produce as much food, energy and protein as it possibly can, because other parts of the world will not be able to,” said the report’s co-editor Karin Wittenberg, associate dean of research in the faculty of agriculture and food sciences at the University of Manitoba. “We’re not going to be meeting that demand sustainably if we don’t have this kind of thinking and dialogue happening today.”
Generally, the report says a warming climate could harm the United States agricultural sector and move those opportunities north to the Prairies. Read More