Friday, February 14, 2014

Earth Changes and the New Normal

In this interview Lori Toye with radio interviewer Richard Dugan – Tell Me Your Story – explores the Time of Change and the impact this will have on Earth. Extreme weather events marked by the recent Polar Vortex, wildfires, and warming oceans mark our entrance into a time that is unique and unprecedented. Yet, over twenty years ago Lori Toye, along with a group of extraordinary women explored this prophetic Time of Change in weekly meetings with Spiritual Teachers who carefully described our entrance into these times as an opportunity to change our perceptions, and how to heal and grow spiritually. Lori shares her experiences in her latest book, “Sisters of the Flame,” and describes humanity’s entrance into the Cellular Awakening, the prophesied changes to our human DNA, and our new familiarity with the Super Senses of the Fourth Dimension. This includes our personal and collective opportunity to experience the innate Godhead through love, cooperation, and the ONE. You will enjoy this engaging conversation about the cultural and social Tipping Point we now face through concurrent Earth Changes and humanity’s shift into the new paradigm of the Divine Feminine.