Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Awaken with the Sisters of the Flame on the Hundredth Monkey Radio Show

Lori Toye with hosts Tom and Ramon on the Hundredth Monkey Radio premieres the book “Sisters of the Flame: An Introduction to the Ascended Masters of the I AM America Teachings.” This is Book Two of a trilogy (Book One, “A Teacher Appears”) and continues Lori Toye’s autobiographical story and her amazing journey with the teachings of Spiritual Teachers - both physical and ethereal. The Earth Changes prophecies presented in this interview place an emphasis on consciousness and personal change through the E-Motion, Cellular Awakening, and how to initiate the Ascension Process. This leads the student to experience Fourth Dimension, and new levels of Spiritual Awakening. "Sisters of the Flame," goes on to explore the innate nurturing, feminine side of every human being.