Thursday, January 30, 2014

Prediction Recap of 2013

by Craig Howell, 2012 Messages Blog

In case anyone has been wondering what happened to me, I’ve been busy with music projects. Also there has not been very much to offer in the way of predictions as far as I could tell from periodically scoping out the internet and Youtube videos. Nevertheless, I will be doing a 2014 predictions post next with highlights from different sources.
One of the things I was waiting for was some kind of major truth or truths to come to light on the world scene that were hidden before. It may have shown up recently as certain politicians’ misuse of power. It may have been the Snowden and Manning cases where those with security clearance realized that there was something that needed to be exposed publicly. But I was thinking there would be something much more earth-shaking or revealing about someone or something that we would never have thought was true. Maybe it is coming.
If not in the public arena, there is certainly a lot of change happening in our private lives. We are constantly being asked to grow and evolve through circumstances beyond our control – or seemingly beyond control. What is really happening is that we are being shown the truth of our own creations and being asked to release what doesn’t work for us (even though it has worked great before) and move forward with the intention of opening the heart and freeing the mind. This will bring ease and grace into the life, even if all around us seems to be falling apart.
After seeing so many predictions come and go without happening, I’m thinking more and more that things are shifting so rapidly because we are making better conscious choices, and this is changing the outcome of a lot of predictions. Then there is the theory that we are on multiple timelines and we keep changing a timeline every time we as a world, or we as individuals, make a conscious decision to create a certain destiny. That would mean that even though you have predictions, it is your own creations that matter the most.
In general, things are changing here in the USA with regards to certain social issues such as gay rights and gay marriage, legalization and medicinal use of marijuana, rising up against Monsanto and GMOs that are probably causing the need for gluten-free products, and the first steps in trying to get universal health care coverage (which a lot of countries have had for long time). So things are loosening up a little and moving toward less control.
The weather has been a little strange lately and this is probably caused by the Sun switching polarity in December, but it is still in flux. If you were feeling depressed or anxious at that time, that may be the reason. In addition to affecting our moods, when the Sun releases a blast of energy exploding from its surface, the resulting cosmic wind blows over and through the Earth. This is when you get the Aroura Borealis coming so far south. But it also can push the poles around with the resulting weird weather.
Speaking of the Earth and weather, Lori Toye, Ascended Master channel from I AM America ( )  has always maintained that if the polar caps melt to a certain point (they are melting very fast now), the water will change the way that the currents flow and affect the temperature, affecting the weather drastically. People don’t understand that the temperature of the water can only be within a small variance before it upsets that delicate ecosystem.
Don’t worry, we’re not doomed. Far from it. We are on the verge of a new, higher consciousness but in order to get there, we may have to go through some difficult changes, like a mother birthing a child. There is pain, some crying and it’s messy, but out of it comes new life.