Friday, October 04, 2013

Lori Toye’s New Book: “A Teacher Appears”

by Craig Howell

I have written before about Lori, her insights about the future and her work at her company, I AM America, which prints and distributes her channeled information from the Ascended Masters. Her latest work is “A Teacher Appears” (as in, “when the student is ready…”), she just wasn’t sure she was quite ready for him when he appeared out of thin air at the end of her bed so long ago.    
This work covers lessons learned both personally and from the Masters dictation from when she first began her journey as a housewife on a farm in Idaho in the 1980’s with no knowledge of New Age or spiritual subjects, nor any desire to go there.
This book is information that was transcribed early on as part of the voluminous amount of channelings that were received, but has not been published until now.
I like this book because she has allowed me into her subjective feelings – the fears, the joys, the uncertainty -- about what she was going through as she made the leap of faith that brought her into contact with the Masters and started her spiritual work here with Master St. Germain (and many others). Or should I say, re-started that work. For as we see, in previous lives, she and St. Germain had been working together for a long time in order for her to finally bring forth the culmination of their agreement in the work she is doing now.
Although the Masters are powerful spiritual beings, they can only do so much in our free will, 3D world. They need us as much as we need them, but each must ask for help from the other. It becomes a partnership where we raise our energy a little higher and they come a little closer so that we can meet and be of service to one another.
During the course of Lori’s “initiations”, we learn many things. There are 51 small chapters, each giving some simplified teachings from the Masters as well as background information on the earth changes, the future, the Golden Cities (there are 51 throughout the world, 5 in the USA), about devices from future technology (such as the “Archtometer” which measures shifting of the Earth) and the utilization of crystal energies during the “Time of Changes”.
St.Germain says that the Earth has gone through a change like this two other times – during Atlantis (about 10,000 -12,000 year ago) and once for a civilization preceding Lemuria ( before Atlantis). We are in this cycle again, however this time there is a grand experiment going on that has never been tried before. This time will be different than any shifts that have happened, as there will be an elevation of spiritual Light that will allow us and the earth to take a leap in consciousness. We are not only shifting in a physical way, we are shifting in our overall vibratory rate, as is the planet herself. Read More