Monday, July 22, 2013

When the student is ready, the teacher appears within

by Hunt Henion,

Teachers suddenly appeared to renowned visionary, Lori Toye, many years ago. However, her long-awaited story about what happened next reveals how true wisdom, and the teacher within each of us, actually emerges slowly over time - and only if we pay attention. Toye's new book, A Teacher Appears, takes us back to the beginnings of her spiritual journey and includes insights that have never been disclosed in any of her previous books or writings.

She was just a girl of 22, who knew nothing about meditation or spiritual masters when, in 1983, guys in white robes began appearing to her in the middle of the night, talking about global issues and giving her visions about the probable future. She wrote it all down, shared it with the public, and ended up creating the very popular "I Am America" organization around those prophesies - and around the idea that I/we are all responsible for our country and the world.
Now, 30 years later, the urgency to the get the most important information out has subsided, and Lori has gone back to peruse and ponder these early messages from the masters. She tells me that this is the first of three books that recounts untold details of her personal experience. A Teacher Appears also reveals more of the big picture perspective that was often obscured by all the flashy predictions that everyone was anxious to hear. The next two books in the trilogy will presumably complete that perspective, telling the story that the author simply couldn't have told back when she was a girl of 22 and new to all of this. The idea that there is a divine plan for our world is a big part of the perspective Toye explains so clearly. She also relays her knowledge that the ascended masters are here to help. The fact that they want us to each do our part is also part of the picture painted in her new book.

These, and other newly revealed insights, demonstrate that the shocked and surprised Toye of 22 has emerged as a mature spiritual teacher herself. Her new book relays messages from her own teachers, but more importantly, it tells her story - a story about a life interrupted by a spiritual mission that continues to evolve today.

You may have seen her future map of the US and read some of the predictions she has relayed from her friends in the white robes.. However, A Teacher Appears gives the reader a peak behind the scenes at the archetypal story of the hero's journey. It also hints at the hero within the reader, which waits patiently, looking for a chance to get out and do great things!

As Lori says in the video at top of the page,“You may be Earth's last hero!” As such, you may not need any teaching except the reassurance that “a change of heart can change the world!”
They say that when you're ready, A Teacher Appears. So, the only question then is, "Are you ready?"