Saturday, March 23, 2013

Water is Life - Indigenous Perspectives on Water

World Water Day: Water is Life - Indigenous Perspectives on Water (Video)Water is a precious and finite natural resource. Here in Canada, we are fortunate to be surrounded by clean, easily accessible fresh water. This abundance, however, has let us take our good fortune for granted and we have abused our water through over use and pollution.

The First Peoples of Canada treasured the water as the blood of the earth, and the land as her body. Continued abuse of the land and water is harming the health of all the earth’s dependants, both human, plant and animal. In the tar sands, both water quality and quantity are being severely affected throughout the Athabasca watershed.

We must act now to protect the Athabasca and neighbouring rivers, such as the Peace River system.

The Facts:

Tar sands development requires an enormous amount of water – current projects remove about 349 million m3 of water from the Athabasca River each year, equivalent to about 140,000 swimming pools or twice the amount of water the City of Calgary uses per year. Read More

View the YouTube: Water is Life - Indigenous Perspectives on Water