Monday, June 18, 2012

Are We Causing Earth Changes?

Deepak Chopra
Natural disasters are not a message from God but a message from ourselves.
The spiritual answer is, “Of course we are, because Mother Nature is disturbed by our lack of love and respect for her.” The scientific answer is, “Of course we are, but only indirectly through decades of reckless pollution.” Everything depends on what level of consciousness dominates your awareness. All answers are tangled, yet in the untangling I believe that science will one day connect Earth changes and human awareness.
The great spiritual traditions have clearly mapped how a person regains the status of a creator. As power returns, everything changes in ways that cannot be guessed at in the state of alienation and separation.
How things get better as consciousness evolves:
  • You begin to feel again; numbness lifts.
  • You regain a sense of being benign. You belong here and are cherished.
  • Your desires turn from self-destructive to self-empowering.
  • Your thoughts have a benign effect on your environment.
  • Reality shifts in an evolutionary direction for everyone else.
  • The laws of creation re-emerge under the control of human awareness.
  • It becomes commonplace to live from the level of the soul.
All these changes occur by degree, steadily growing stronger as a person goes deeper inside. [Source]