Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jonas Elrod Describes Oprah's Aura - Super Soul Sunday - Oprah Winfrey N...

Ghosts, angels, spirits--are they real or a figment of your imagination? Oprah interviews Jonas Elrod about his ability to see these spiritual visions and energies. Then, don't miss the exclusive TV premiere of Jonas' film, Wake Up.
The spiritual path can be a colossal pain. I find nothing in it to be romanticized though Hollywood has tried. It is work, real work. That being said taking this journey has been the best decision I've ever made. It was a decision that as I look back now, was offered time and again but I either ignored it or I missed it. That's how this works. You get opportunities throughout your life to work on your problems. It's up to you to recognize it and choose to do it.
I think it's great that someone can have the perfect posture when doing advanced yoga, or when someone can meditate for 8 hours straight and go to the far reaches of the galaxy. Cool, I guess. But what does that mean? Does it make you happy? Does it connect you to the giant light bulb in the sky? Does it help you in the singles circuit? Nothing against meditation or yoga -- I meditate fairly regularly and tried yoga a handful of times -- but the point I am making is the practice is not the path.
My spiritual awakening happened eight years ago when I began having wild metaphysical experiences. One night I saw and heard spirits, geometry floating through space and energy around people. Still with me? You don't have to believe me, but it propelled me onto a path so hard and fast it'd make your head spin. This ability has been with me ever since. Cue the organ and dry ice! I know how it sounds and when discussed publicly I am usually met with lots of questions or sometimes, relief. And sometimes skepticism. My lack of belief in such things quickly went away as these experiences became a part of my everyday life. Needless to say it scared the hell out of me at first but it also got me to where I am today: Happy. Woah, what a word, right? Read More