Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Earth Changes, Safe Havens and Golden Cities on Conscious Living Radio

Lori Toye is known for the I AM America maps. Given to her in a dream by four white robed teachers, the first map rolled out in 1989. Those teachers offered details of earth changes that could change the shape of the United States and the maps vary to spell out the range from minor to major surface alteration. The work didn't stop there. The teachers also offered instructions and advice on what we might do to avoid a worst case scenario. Emerging from a time of maintaining a low profile, Lori now has new information and a new map. Find out more on this edition of Conscious Living.

More than 20 years after publication of the I AM America Earth Changes Map, which delineated the physical changes in the geography of our country, Lori Toye continues her work with more in-depth information relevant to what is occurring now.
The map was published before public awareness of the effects of  global warming and  climate change, and  it incorporated the locations of Golden Cities - or safe havens - sustainable places to live during a time of upheaval.
Her work has progressed into a series of books regarding the Golden Cities. These new publications correlate and expand on the information provided in the first “I AM America Map.”
Her research continues to guide and enrich our spiritual growth and understanding of these beginning times, prophesied to begin in the 21st century, more than 6000 year ago.
You can check the I AM America website for more information on the Golden Cities. Listen to Interview