Wednesday, February 08, 2012

What's in store in the Year of the Water Dragon?

IT’S the time of the year once again for our annual feng shui predictions. Some, of course, regard feng shui as mere “hocus-pocus” or a lapse into mass delusion, and others still laugh it off as mere amusement, and that’s OK. But for true believers, and they are legion, the stars and their placements definitely have some bearing on our lives, transforming this ancient Chinese art and science of geomancy into a multimillion-dollar industry. That’s why this story is a much-awaited event.
Last year Maritess Allen, geomancy expert and CEO of World of Feng Shui, the merchandising arm of her practice, said that 2011 would be a year of quarrelsome elements, competitive pressures in business, surprise attacks and assassinations, accidents associated with metal and road mishaps, chaotic weather patterns and fire-related disasters. She warned that international conflicts would escalate, while terrorism would cause worry and risks to travel. Meanwhile, the global economy would recover on a solid path as some animal signs promised to garner luck despite the appearance of three unlucky stars.
One has to ask if these stars were the countries of Greece, Ireland and Portugal, three stars that figure in the Flag of Europe that may symbolize the three countries that last year found themselves at the very precipice of ruin. Hopefully, feng shui will be good for everyone this year, especially in the realms of love and money. Read More