Monday, January 02, 2012

The Top Earth Changes Blog Stories of 2011

1. Hopi Waterline Map: This map was created in 2007 by Stan Deyo to correlate Hopi Prophecies with the coastlines of the United States.
2. and 3. The Comet Elenin Controversy Continues and Dr. Omerbashich and Comet Elenin
4. Lori Toye and the I AM America Map
5. This is Your Earth on Gravity: The European Space Agency's GOCE satellite has created the most detailed planetary gravity map ever, and it could help us understand everything from climate change to earthquakes...
6. Lighting the Grid Lei-lines are the circuitry of the earth. This natural infrastructure covers the entire globe and the linear currents of energy contain both electrical and magnetic points that comprise the world’s grid.
7. Two Nebraska Nuclear Plants Partially Submerged by Missouri Floodwaters Ignored by the Mainstream Media two nuclear power facilities in Nebraska which were designated temporary restricted no fly zones by the FAA in early June due to ‘hazards’. The FAA ...
8. Weather Vortices and the Pole Shift 
9. I AM America Study Groups
10. Anchoring the New Cosmic Grid The Mayan Underworld Cycle of darkness is over, and ended Friday, October 28th. Now the earth enters a period of Light and Ascension, as prophesied in the I AM America Material. This article documents...