Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Beginning of the Beginning

Before Occupy Wall Street began, Saint Germain shared his insights regarding the stumbling blocks of greed and fear in the MP3 lesson: Luminous Light, from the Twilight Series. A complimentary copy of this lesson is available for anyone in financial need. Please e-mail orders at iamamerica.com for the download link. "Many are not ready to hear this message, while others will hear it and awaken, even in the Twilight Hours." ~ Saint Germain

On November 17th, tens of thousands of people peacefully gathered in Foley Square in solidarity with #OWS. It was a powerful night of music, chant, and protest. We marched across the Brooklyn Bridge finding strength in our numbers and inspiration in our shared resolve to challenge the neoliberal economic system that controls our government and destroys our communities. As we marched a beautiful light appeared in downtown Manhattan.......Read More