Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Anchoring the New Cosmic Grid

"Galactic Brotherhood of light, imprint the
web of unity and compassion tonight!"

[Note: The Mayan Underworld Cycle of darkness is over, and ended Friday, October 28th. Now the earth enters a period of Light and Ascension, as prophesied in the I AM America Material. This article documents the birth of the new Grids of Light and the entrance of the Violet Ray of Mercy and Compassion. ~Lori]

On October 28th 2011, four masters performed end rites and birth rites at Four Corners, to usher a new age of creation and a new cosmic imprint. We received help from all the cosmic watchers, who blessed the ceremony, aiding us along the way and helping us to anchor the new energy to the Earth as the Earth began its ascent beyond three-dimensional reality.

We anchored the web of light, replacing the imprint of the Mayan Oxlahunkin underworld, the final cycle of an evolutionary tree of life that has been driving our planet Earth for millions of years. We ushered in a new cosmic birth cycle that is propelling the planet into a new energy spectrum.

We petitioned the great cosmic mother and father to dispense instant karma so that those evil warlords, who have ruled and decimated the planet during the long patriarchal underworld cycle, would be destroyed by their own treacherous acts and words. We banished the dark shadow forces of Orion, and heralded the new Quetzalcoatl energy of redemption.

We invoked the winds of Aquarius so that they would slash through the ages and unwind the spiral of darkness created by the shadow warlords. We invoked fire and water to cease the disorder, bleakness, and starkness that’s plagued the planet and its inhabitants. We witnessed the burning away of the perpetrators’ dark souls to remove the source of all Earthly blight and make way for the new Christ light.

We watched as the cosmic forces destroyed the dark forces forcing them to confront their own shadow demons. We saw the burning of the powers behind the world financial collapse and global greed, political and religious terrorism, environmental degradation and destruction, and finally imperialism, slavery, and one-world governmental control.

We purged Mother Earth, to prepare her for the purple ray of ascension. We chanted as the new galactic matrix imprinted itself into the veins of Mother Earth, purging the planetary destroyers. We anchored the new cosmic net to the ascending Earth with the help of the galactic brotherhood of light, and imprinted the web of unity and compassion to the Earth through our bodies, using our legs to root the new light energy.

As ashes turned to ashes and dust to dust, we heralded Quetzalcoatl as he rose from the ashes to ascend the purple ray, ushering the new age of Christ consciousness. As the Earth moved through the eye of the cosmic needle, we welcomed the new cosmic grid as it imprinted the new matrix to Earth, bringing a new age of unity and peace to all disciples of the light. Then we completed the ceremony and celebrated the new kingdom of light.

We will continue to witness the planet sweeping itself clean over the next year. Many will rejoice in the evolving kingdom of light, while many will leave the planet because they will not be able to embody the new energy of light and unity. The Mayan Underworld cycle has come to an end. The Mayan Long Count calendar is moving into its final year as well. The only constant through it all will be radical change.

In Lakech, Dawn