Lighting the Grid

[Dymaxion Map: "File:Dymaxion.jpg." Wikimedia Commons.
Aug. 2005. Web. 03 Aug. 2011.]

Lei-lines are the circuitry of the earth. This natural infrastructure covers the entire globe and the linear currents of energy contain both electrical and magnetic points that comprise the world’s grid. The idea of a grid of energy encircling the world is nothing new. The ancient spiritual arts of Indian Vastu Vidya and Classical Chinese Feng Shui aptly harness the energies of the earth with scientific precision. However, Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller was perhaps one of the first contemporary visual pioneers of a geodesic world grid—the Dymaxion Map—his cuboctahedron depiction of Spaceship Earth.

The planetary grid of luminous, life-giving energy is akin to our earth held ever so delicately in the Creator’s palms. One hand presents the intricate science of Ivan Sanderson’s system of successive superimposed Platonic Solids, and this creates the earth’s energy field—an icosahedron; or the Russian team of Goncharov, Morozov, and Makarov who theorize the grid’s infrastructure is linked to the Great Pyramid at Giza. These theories were later examined by Bill Becker and Beth Hagen who attribute anomalies like the Bermuda Triangle and the Devil’s Sea to Vile Vortices.1 The second hand of the Creator cradles the golden grid with a sublime reverence for life, with overlays of inner-connectivity between dimensions, the potential for spiritual growth, and the consciousness of the ONE. The Golden City Vortex system—prophesied in the I AM America material—likely draws its paradigm from the later, but as the calendar moves forward to 2012, and as we experience continued Time Compaction, it is probable both scenarios exist side-by-side.

[I AM America US
Golden Cities Map]

Golden City Vortices are formed at the convergence of eight lei-lines, a grid prophesied to appear on earth at the same time of world-wide Earth Change. This grid is claimed to be a new spiritual framework, and assists the Spiritual Awakening of humanity, while stepping-down energies from the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Dimension. It is also prophesied that our use of the Golden Cities assists the process of transcendence, and the Cities of Spiritual Light, with their earthly lei-lines, magnificent power-points, and sacred energies are templates to usher human consciousness into Global Ascension.

I have intentionally lived in a Golden City since 1991; however, since the Master Teachers prophesied their structure and presence several years prior, I immediately began to explore their beauty and essence. So far I’ve visited six Cities: the five Golden Cities of the United States, and one in Canada. Each is distinctive and unique as Master Kuthumi declares, “Like flowers in a garden.” Every Golden City is layered in magnificent spiritual dimension and as diverse in subtle energies as their people, cultures, flora, fauna, and geography.

No doubt, I know Gobean best. When I first moved to the Golden City of the Southwest United States I was impressed with the sky, as blue as its Ray; and at night its full expanse lit the stars of the Milky Way. We soon found ourselves on numerous Vortex road-trips. Our journeys would begin on Highway 60 heading east on the Colorado Plateau to New Mexico through the four doorways, the sacred four directions; and onward to discover initiatory encounters with the playful, yet challenging Adjutant Points which disperse the Vortex’s finer energies. Many Vortex drives were serene day-trips to the Star—the Vortex’s center, which is considered the City’s critical point, and locations where spiritual change and collective consciousness is leveraged. The Master Teachers gave us this prayer: “Mighty I Am Presence come forward and let me serve the cause divine of the Spiritual Hierarchy—the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood of breath, sound, and light. I now call forth my perfect service in alignment to the divine plan!”

Sometimes after the prayer I’d pick up a small rock from the location; a reminder of my inner journey.

[Crystals for Golden City Activation. Courtesy E. Cardall]
It is claimed that rocks, especially quartz crystal, can hold and emit spiritual energies. Recent study now finds that basalt is perhaps one of the finest capacitors. Some researchers claim this may explain why the Rosetta Stone and the great megaliths at Stonehenge are literally basalt-rock.2 A friend of mine, a healer and a shaman, buried one-hundred quartz crystals in the snow-covered lands of her remote homestead in Alaska to, “Cleanse and heal the earth.” And during our road-trips to Golden City Adjutant Points we collected almost a ton of various rocks, and later whispered individual prayers into each one. We then scattered them over our three-hundred acre project, Wenima. So it was no surprise when one of our I AM America study-group leaders approached us with her request for crystal carriers to several Golden City Vortices, Shalahah (Idaho-Montana) and Klehma (Colorado). Elaine, like so many today, feels the urgency of the times, and is not a newcomer to Vortex energies and lives in the Golden City of Malton. She wrote, “I believe I can work with these crystals remotely when needed and I know the center of Klehma, having camped there for almost a week last year.”

I posted her request on this blog, and one connection led to another. In just a matter of days Crystal Couriers for both Shalahah and Klehma were in place: Alice and Jodi at the Star of Shalahah (near Lolo Pass, Montana); and Gayle and Kathleen at the Star of Klehma (near Cope, Colorado).

Here are excerpts from their emails which chronicle their Vortex experiences.

[Golden City of Shalahah from the
I AM America Map]

From Alice:

“Jodi and I headed up to Lolo to go to the meadow that Jodi had been to just a week ago and she told me the area felt really strong to her…we noticed that the clouds seemed to be gathering. Jodi and I both mentioned how we felt like something drawing us further up the pass…I then saw the sign that marked the passing of Lewis and Clark in the area so many years ago.

[Shalahah Meadow. Photo Courtesy A. Dilts]

We got out of the car and started walking towards some trees since we both felt compelled to walk that direction. I could feel the energy so strongly I almost had trouble walking…As I held the crystal I could feel it vibrating and it felt warm in my hand and I gave it to Jodi so she could feel it as well. We felt that the crystal was singing!”

[The Shalahah Crystal Photo courtesy A. Dilts]

The day after the experience Alice wrote, “I went to Gem Mountain today and I noticed as we drove by Highway 12 (the route to Lolo Pass) I knew I could feel the vibrations of the crystal and it was buried up at the pass about twenty-five miles away!”

[Golden City of Klehma
from the I AM America Map]

From Gayle:

“We drove and drove to find an area that felt right, one that would be safe and where the crystal wanted to be placed. We decided to go to Joes, Colorado which is five miles from Cope. The area felt positive and it was as though we were being led right to the area that the crystal wanted to be placed.”

[Near Cope, Colorado, the Star of the Golden City of Klehma. Photo Courtesy G.B.Smith]
Throughout the years of sharing the I AM America material, many have written us regarding their activation experiences in Golden City Vortices. Below is additional information from Points of Perception for anyone interested in the varied techniques of Golden City activation. And don’t forget, we have Crystal Couriers available for service in the Golden Cities of Gobean, Malton, and Wahanee if you are called within to help Light the Grid!

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Golden City Activation:

A full comprehension of the word “activate” is key to understanding this spiritual phenomenon. The following dictionary definitions describe its usage: “to make active;” “to make more active;” “to hasten reactions by various means”; and “to place in active status.” So, the term Golden City Activation includes several meanings and applications to illustrate the four types of Golden City activations.

1. Ascended Master Activation: Made Active

The Spiritual Hierarchy first conceptualized the idea of the Golden Cities by the perfect out-picturing of these spiritual centers. Certain Master Teachers, Archangels, and Elohim—in cooperation with Mother Earth Babajeran—sponsor specific Golden Cities. Their task: to gather the energies of each divine municipality. The grid structure of earth—in tandem with the focus of the appropriate Ray—is held in immaculate concept by each steward and coalesces the energies of each Golden City. And as consciousness increases, members of mankind seek its Fifth Dimension power as spiritual retreats.

2. Geophysical Activation: More Active

The interaction of Mother Earth and the Golden Cities—Fifth Dimensional structures—produces Third and Fourth Dimensional characteristics. This phenomenon creates a more active activation. The significance of Third Dimensional activation lies in its ability to generate a Vortex at the intersection of lei-lines. When eight of these invisible coordinates crisscross, a Vortex emerges, including the formation of Golden City Vortices. Vortices move in a clockwise/counterclockwise motion. Geophysically activated Golden Cities have a profound effect on humans: they experience longevity, greater healing abilities, and physical regeneration. In the Fourth Dimension, Nature Kingdoms begin to interact with Vortex energies; human visitors experience telepathic and psychic abilities, and lucid dreaming. [Lei-lines are magnetic lines of detectable energy.]

3. Ceremonial Activation: To Hasten Reactions by Various Means

Ceremonial activations, inspired by humans who seek an intense result from a Golden City, occur on an emotional-astral level in areas throughout these sacred Vortices. Similar to pujas or yagyas—known in Hindu as sacrifices—fire or water-driven ceremonies neutralize difficult Karmas and enhance beneficial human qualities.

4. Great Central Sun Activation: To Place in Active Status

Produced by a greater timing or origin, this type of activation relies on the energies that emanate from the Great Central Sun or Galactic Center (our universe rotates around a larger sun). Some theosophical scholars say power from the Galactic Center sends subtle energies to our solar system via the planetary fire triplicity: Jupiter, Mars, and the Sun.

From: Points of Perception, © 2008 by Lori Adaile Toye, Payson, Arizona, USA. All Rights Reserved

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