Amazing Basalt: Benefits of Basalt and Volcanic Ash

This is a research article from our friend Kathleen Smith regarding the versatility and sustainability of basalt. Amazing information!--Lori

by Kathleen Smith

Basalt is an igneous rock that forms from the relatively rapid solidification of basaltic lavas and is one of the most common types of rock in the world. Minerals and trace elements in the ash cloud are extremely beneficial for the planet. The rocks themselves have the basic elements for life including carbon, phosphorous and nitrogen, only requiring water to complete the formula. It is high in silicates, iron, and magnesium.

The fertility of some of the world's richest and most productive farmland is due to the minerals produced by nearby volcanoes.

Basalt and volcanic ash can be used for healing the physical body, remediation of toxic waste, nontoxic ‘enlivened cements’, healing building materials, radiation shielding, etc.

The crystalline structures within basalt can be used for communicators/capacitors. The light emitting from the structures are an avenue for many 'out of the box’ developments - and the microbes within have a world all their own.

Volcanic ash has 'anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti yeast and overall disinfectant qualities. It is high in sulphur, an active ingredient which not only helps the body to resist bacteria but actually destroys it. It disinfects the blood, stimulates bile secretion, aids the oxidation reaction in the body, and protects the protoplasm of cells for the synthesis of collagen'. Volcanic ash can provide a multitude of health and beauty benefits.

Basalt fibers spun from basalt rock are used as a fireproof textile in the aerospace and automotive industry and as a composite such as tripods.

Fire resistant, high structural strength, non toxic, etc.

It has been estimated that 12% of the ozone and CO2 problems in the world are related to production of Portland cement.

Restores micro flora in the soil and re balances soil pH, etc. Volcanic soils are some of the richest on earth

Microorganisms living in the pores and crevices of dry basalt rock are able to reduce a toxic form of chromium, etc.

Technologies/processes that create mineral rich water from basalt

7. Zeolite - family of hydrous silicate live in the cavities of basalt
Zeolites can restore alkaline pH, detoxify heavy metals, clean up radioactivity at nuclear waste dumps and absorb huge amounts of gas. It would be an excellent rock powder to incorporate into manure piles to soak up ammonia.

Dr. Phil Callahan believed the crushing and grinding forces of the drifting continents caused great quantities of cosmic energy to be trapped within the minerals that make up stone and clay. One of the energies is the force called paramagnetism, which he says the ancients knew how to manipulate. Basalt is paramagnetic (exhibits paramagnetism) a form of magnetism that occurs only in the presence of an externally applied magnetic field.

The pre-Aztec Pyramid of the Sun outside of New Mexico, is built from volcanic rock and is highly paramagnetic. The Rosetta Stone was made of black basalt.

Basalts are the most productive aquifers of all volcanic rock types.

Rudolph Steiner believed there is rock powders that will pass on the subtle energies received from the cosmic bodies.

Transforming, innovative industries could be developed around volcanic ash and basalt rock.

To The Unfoldment: Kathleen Smith wrote this paper after the 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull suggesting that many industries can be developed around volcanic ash following an eruption. She is an international networker/researcher who is involved in the development of centers/cities of light – sustainable communities – technologies – transformational healing – ancient architecture.

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