Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Twilight Hours Series

Our latest release, The Twilight Hours Series, contains many up-to-date prophecies and empowering spiritual teachings. The series focuses on the Ascension Process, the 2012 Galactic Wave, HU-man Evolutionary development, and prophecies regarding the global economy and world-wide Earth Change. Saint Germain says, "Many are not ready to hear this message, while others will hear it and awaken, even in the Twilight Hours." We think you will find the series informative; and the spiritual practice taught - the Twilight Breath Meditation - is calming and expansive, and helps to build the ever-important Evolutionary and Ascension light bodies. According to the Master Teachers our spiritual development and individual state of consciousness can lessen, avert, and possibly ameliorate catastrophic change and help usher in the New Times. We've practiced the technique since receiving the information, and are available to help if you have any questions. If you would like to form a group to practice the Twilight Meditation, or need any help with the meditation-breath method, please email us at

These next two articles parallel the Ascended Masters' prophetic Golden City Vortices. Enjoy. ~Lori

The Crystalline City
I float through a Crystalline City of dazzling beauty.
Brilliant breath taking colors.
Shimmers of iridescence.
Spikes and sunbursts of light.
I have no scale with which to judge the height of the tall, slender, delicate towers that soar above me and plunge far below.
How does one describe a vision which exceeds the most unbelievable Fairy Tale ever recorded by a hundred fold.
There is energy here.
It is Life.
I am a welcome guest, but could never in my present form be an inhabitant.
I am nearer the “ground” now. There are smaller, more slender towers here. They are no less delicate and exquisite.
I know, in some unexplained way that each tower is a single crystal. Even though there are multifaceted areas, areas of filigree, lattice and glowing fiber each tower is autonomous.
Floating – Drifting – Experiencing
Suddenly I know the Crystal Towers are alive.
There is a Crystalline Life Force.
This is their World.
This is not a Fairy Land of wonderful Crystal towers constructed by an unknown alien form. These are magnificent, intelligent, individual life forms radiating Life Energy and Completeness.
This is not a place for such as me to dwell.
This is a place of majesty, power and sincere intent.
This is place for such a one as I to come for healing, for affirmation and for companionship.
The Crystalline Life Force, although very different, is compatible with many other Life Forces. Their thoughts, encouragements and advice comes to me as knowings (substantiated) by their presence.
I feel alive – I feel whole – I feel affirmed I drift away and back into the Cosmos.
I, Spirit, will return to my dense earth bound body.
I will return slightly wiser and slightly more fulfilled.
I know now, that there is also a Crystalline presence on the planet of my habitation.
I must listen.
~Steve Dizmon

A Lighted House by Nancy Connally
As we begin to cooperate with the energy of the constellation of Cancer and build our own 'lighted houses', as individuals and as groups, we find that the elimination from within the energetic field all that might hinder the Higher Energies from working through us is a necessity. We also are assisting in the process of building the lighted house of Planet Earth. Master M. tells us that in each moment man either creates or destroys. The greatest hope of the world lies in the possibilities of All being incessantly reborn and renewed at every moment.In the largest sense, we might recognize that the One Life is building the ultimate 'lighted house' that consists of all manifested existence. We can then carry this idea of building and Light into our Galaxy, Solar System and onto our immediate home in space, our Planet, which is in process of becoming a sacred planet in order to be of better service and use to the Whole. As parts of this planetary existence, our cooperation is vital to the transformation of our planetary home and all the kingdoms of nature that comprise parts of it, so that eventually our Cosmic Destiny of becoming a "Station of Light" with implications far beyond even our solar system. Read More