Thursday, July 07, 2011

Needed: A Crystal Courier in Colorado.

As part of an Earth Healing Ceremony, we are connecting the centers of the five major cleansing Vortexes in the United States with crystals (see Three of the centers have active groups, in AZ, GA, and IL. We have a Crystal Courier burying a crystal in the fourth center in Lolo, MT and now need a Courier or Tag Team to carry its companion crystal from the Denver Airport to the center of the fifth Vortex at or near Cope, CO, approximately 100 miles due East of Denver, to bury it. These crystals are programmed to work together for the healing and upliftment of our Beloved Earth. The crystal will be arriving at the Denver Airport on Wednesday, July 20 at 8 PM. The person carrying the crystal will be on a layover there for 4 hours before leaving. If no one is available, we will trust the Universe to provide a Courier at the airport. Please contact if you can help. Thank you for reading this notice.