Thursday, July 21, 2011

Global warming: Sea levels could rise for centuries to come

Global Warming: Updated prophecies and Earth Change information on Global Warming from I AM America.
Four Master Teachers join their consciousness as ONE and share Earth Changes updates in Global Warming, Part One, from the Soul Alchemy Series. The spiritual masters base their analysis on the state of collective human consciousness, and emphasize the importance of the spiritual practice of the Twelve Jurisdictions—spiritual virtues for the New Times. This material covers many detailed prophecies for the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America. Spiritual teachings include the New Children of South America; the Golden Cities of the earth and their purpose in world prayer, meditation, and communal spiritual practice; the Gulf of Mexico, Climate Change, Global Warming, extreme weather, Global Super-storms, and the world’s oceanic thermohaline current...

Strong warning on climate threshold from University of Arizona researchers

By Summit Voice
SUMMIT COUNTY — Ice sheets in the Arctic and Antarctic will probably keep melting, and sea levels will keep rising for a long time — even if greenhouse gas emissions are curbed in the near future, according to a University of Arizona-led team of researchers who studied the history of rising sea levels during the last interglacial period.
“This study marks the strongest case yet made that humans, by warming the atmosphere and oceans, are pushing the Earth’s climate toward the threshold where we will likely be committed to four to six or even more meters of sea level rise in coming centuries,” said Jonathan Overpeck, co-director of the University of Arizona’s Institute of the Environment. Read More

The Role of Fire in Climate Change Professor of Forest Ecology David Bowman from the University of Tasmania in Hobart, talks about human involvement with fire and its consequences...

Climate Change Could Lead to World Conflict: UN official warns climate change could lead to conflicts over resources  Climate change could result in "sudden and abrupt" shocks to countries around the world and have "far-reaching implications for global stability and security," a senior United Nations' official has warned...

The Scientific Search for Answers: Nevada desert provides answers Nevada has a bright spot in the high desert and it's not another solar energy project. Instead, it's a place to explore the solar system as well as probe suspect gases that scientists believe are causing climate change. It's a place where scientists flock to calibrate their tools for tracking Earth's greenhouse gases and help them in their search for life on Mars...

And when it thaws, Drill, Baby, Drill: Arctic shelf prospecting in view of global warming The participants in the Lena-2011 international expedition are on their way from St. Petersburg to Siberia. Scientific research in the delta of the Lena River and the Laptev Sea will help uncover the secrets of weather fluctuation on the planet, find out the prospects for global climate changes and obtain more accurate information about the borders of the Russian continental shelf in the Arctic...

Why the unending conflict over Global Warming and Climate Change? Read this interesting and controversial article:

Tunguska, Psychopathy and the Sixth Extinction
[Towards the end of this article, Laura Knight-Jadcxzyk reminds the reader of the previous and vital influence of the Feminine in our ancient cultures and its inherent ability to heal and balance our global environments, societies, and economies. This understanding similarly echoes many of the prophecies and spiritual teachings in the I AM America material, and the energies of the Feminine are prophesied to overcome tyrannical, volatile patriarchal energy and usher our global consciousness into the New Times. –Lori]

by Laura Knight-Jadcxzyk

One hundred and three years ago today, on the night of 30 June and 1 July, one of the most extraordinary events in modern history occurred.

The first reports of a strange glow in the sky came from across Europe. Shortly after midnight on 1 July 1908, Londoners were intrigued to see a pink phosphorescent night sky over the capital. People who had retired awoke confused as the strange pink glow shone into their bedrooms. The same ruddy luminescence was reported over Belgium. The skies over Germany were curiously said to be bright green, while the heavens over Scotland were of an incredible intense whiteness which tricked the wildlife into believing it was dawn. Birdsong started and cocks crowed - at two o'clock in the morning. The skies over Moscow were so bright, photographs were taken of the streets without using a magnesium flash. A captain on a ship on the River Volga said he could see vessels on the river two miles away by the uncanny astral light. One golf game in England almost went on until four in the morning under the nocturnal glow, and in the following week The Times of London was inundated with letters from readers from all over the United Kingdom to report the curious 'false dawn'. A woman in Huntingdon wrote that she had been able to read a book in her bedroom solely by the peculiar rosy light. There were hundreds of letters from people reporting identical lighting conditions that went on for weeks... (Tom Slemen)
None of the people witnessing this strange phenomenon had any idea that, in the central Siberian plateau, just after 7:15 a.m. local time, the planet had been hit by a cometary impactor that exploded - as most such impactors do - in the atmosphere just above the Earth's surface. Read More