Friday, June 17, 2011

Two Nebraska Nuclear Plants Partially Submerged by Missouri Floodwaters

FAA issues 'No Fly Zones' due to 'hazards'

Ignored by the Mainstream Media two nuclear power facilities in Nebraska which were designated temporary restricted no fly zones by the FAA in early June due to ‘hazards’. The FAA restrictions, ‘effectively immediately’, ‘until further notice’. The Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant, currently sandbagged against the floodwaters of the Missouri River, and, the Cooper Nuclear Station, located on the Missouri River. According to the NRC, there’s no need to panic. If so, then why the No Fly Zones due to ‘hazards’ issued by the FAA?

Video news report from local NBC 6 on the Ft. Calhoun Power Plant and the massive amount of farm land flooded by the Missouri River. According to a local farmer worried about the levees, ‘We need the Corps-Army Corps of Engineers–to do more. The Corps needs to tell us what to do and where to go. This is not mother nature, this is manmade.’

On June 6, 2011, the report from Action Three News, Worst Case Scenario Leaves Huge Piece of Omaha Under Water: Omaha, NE – Homes and businesses north of Ames, east of Florence Boulevard and east of South 16th Street are at risk for flooding if the north Omaha levee breaks. The Qwest Center, Gallup Campus, North Omaha Power Plant and all of Eppley Airfield would be affected. That’s about 2,700 people the city would have to evacuate. Even though officials are confident in the levees through Omaha, they still want people to know about the risk and be prepared for the worst case scenario. City leaders say the worst case would put a huge part of northeast Omaha in up to 10 feet of water. This is one of many reasons why officials monitor it so closely. Read More