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New World Atlas, Volume One, is the first book of the Teachings and Prophecies of the I AM America Map. Its pages outline the new boundaries of the prophesied coastlines of the United States, and contain many unique prophecies for the Golden Age, including the location of the five prophesied safe areas: Golden Cities.

However, perhaps this material’s most provocative information is the Twelve Jurisdictions—twelve evolutionary spiritual precepts that map humanity’s consciousness as we evolve through earthly, spiritual, and dimensional changes into the New Times.
New World Atlas Volume One
Recent environmental escalation of Climate Change and worldwide Earth Change reveals the need for communal efforts in prayer and spiritual practice more than ever. Since Golden Cities are havens of spiritual growth, their function amplifies spiritual development and consciousness throughout the world; and their locations play a significant role in humanity’s evolution during this Time of Change. Groups are now forming for the study and application of the Twelve Jurisdictions in these Golden Cities:

Golden City of Wahanee

Wahanee is the third Golden City in the United States. Wahanee’s circumference covers parts of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. The apex or star is located in Augusta, Georgia. Classes on the Jurisdictions, from I AM AMERICA prophecies are offered weekly in Augusta Georgia. Wahanee’s mission is to uplift humanity through holding a focus in the collective consciousness of spiritual freedom. Interested parties may contact Class Facilitator; Beverly Nickles at vbn5@knology.net

Golden City of Malton
Earth Change Study Group forming in Mattoon Illinois (center of the Malton Vortex). Organizational meeting is on Monday, July 11 at 6:30 PM at the Mattoon Public Library, 1600 Charleston Avenue. You can join this on-going support group at any time. Send contact information to e.cardall@yahoo.com. Also, anyone traveling to this Vortex, feel free to contact me. I would love to welcome you and assist you in anyway that I can. -Elaine Cardall

If you are interested in forming a group for the study of the I AM America Twelve Jurisdictions—anywhere in the world—please email orders@iamamerica.com for more information. A Change of Heart Can Change the World!

“However, it has been our intent and our service to bring forward material to inspire leadership among the masses, and to re-instill the spark of freedom so some will recognize the divinity within all.”
– Saint Germain, Points of Perception

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