Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weather, Vortices and the Pole Shift

I was just reading through the Arlington Institute site to investigate one of their programs called Weather Map, which collates our collective intuitive and dream experiences to glimpse into future trends. This was part of my research regarding my last blog Sightings, Dreams and Chevrons.

One link that caught my eye was the following: ‘A growing number of scientists suspect that the magnetic pole shift that seems to be underway may be the real culprit behind climate change.’

This reminded me of a very recent meditation in which I was ‘shown’ the dynamics behind the recent tornadoes in the South and Southwestern parts of the U.S. – anomalous to be sure.

I set my intention on understanding the nature of these extreme weather anomalies. As I relaxed, images began forming. I was first shown that the Gulf Stream was no longer running as it had in the past and that this is linked with electro-magnetic vortices creating geo-magnetic change. This led me to a rather shocking article I researched after the meditation, which I will speak of later in this blog.

Next was the main part of the vision in which I had a birds eye view over the South of the U.S. Below me was a vortex of energy flowing counter-clockwise, which was its normal directional flow. Suddenly a counter-rotational vortex appeared alongside it, moving clockwise. Where the two forces met there was a disturbance, presumably the tornadoes I had asked about. This friction, where a new field of polarity was attempting to establish itself in the place of the old, was shown to be the source of all types of geological and meteorological disturbances. In addition, it was shown that this type of phenomena would become much more common in the times ahead until the new polarities were successfully established. In other words, there would be one mini pole shift after another around the planet.

Finally, there was a brief image of the sun and powerful sun activity, which was also a part of this unfolding dynamic that is now firmly in play. The summary was that this is now the norm and necessary as the earth goes through this polarity shift, which is accompanying a dimensional shift that has long been spoken of.

Meanwhile, I came across an article some of you may be familiar with regarding a vortex formation in the Gulf of Aden. The author is anonymous, which means to me that it should be viewed with an intuitive eye. It appears on many sites, I have randomly grabbed one:

Here is an excerpt from the article link above:

After remaining ‘relatively stable’ since its discovery in November, 2000, this report continues, the Gulf of Aden vortex began to “expand” in late 2008 prompting the United States to issue an “extraordinary” warning to the entire world about this mysterious occurrence and which in response the following Nations rushed their Naval Forces to this area:

Royal Australian Navy, Belgian Navy, Bulgarian Navy, Canadian Navy, Peoples Liberation Navy (China), Royal Danish Navy, French Navy, German Navy, Greek Navy, Indian Navy, Islamic Republic of Iran Navy, Italian Navy, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, Republic of Korea (South Korea) Navy, Royal Malaysian Navy, Royal Netherlands Navy, Pakistan Navy, Portuguese Navy, Royal Saudi Navy, Russian Navy, Republic of Singapore Navy, Spanish Navy, Swedish Navy, Royal Thai Navy, Turkish Navy, British Royal Navy and the United States Navy.

Using the pretext that these Naval Forces were needed to protect the Gulf of Aden from Somalia pirates [who are actually nothing more than lightly armed youngsters looking for food since this mysterious vortex has destroyed their fishing waters], Admiral Maksimov states in this report that this buildup is the largest of its kind in human history and that Russia is “prepared” to join with the Americans to “defeat” what many world officials believe is an attack upon our planet by “forces” previously unknown, but described as possibly being “inter-dimensional” or “extraterrestrial” Read More