Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Connecting the Dots: Earth Changes Are Upon Us

[This is an amazing compilation of current events. I look forward to reading Part Two!--Lori]

From the Editors at
For those who are paying strict attention left and right, 2010 will be remembered as the year in which a major threshold was crossed and the door closed behind it. It is the humble opinion of the editors that the dice have been thrown and the destiny of the planet sealed.
The signs were there:
•The absolute disregard of governments for the rights of air travelers and citizens and the open arrogance of the imposition of Orwellian measures
•The continuation of ever more absurd fake-terror tricks to scare the people into compliance
•The increasingly violent anger of the masses on the streets as a result of the economic pressure and other forms of abuse from the top
•The great ease with which the global media took over, diluted and distorted the aspirations of political truth seekers via the Wikileaks show, and the obvious omission of Israel from such 'leaks'
•The all too timid opposition of the world to such crimes against humanity as the genocide aboard the Mavi Marmara
•And the ongoing imperial campaigns of western powers in the Middle East and Asia
Particularly disastrous was the chain reaction ignited by BP's ecocide in the Gulf of Mexico - courtesy of corporate psychopathy and the complicity of our governments - this festering wound might yet contribute significantly to tipping the global climate into an Ice Age by disrupting ocean currents and, in turn, wind currents. The Gulf Loop current is reportedly already broken, disrupting the northern Jet Stream and bringing yet another harsh winter to most of the northern hemisphere. Read More