Friday, January 28, 2011

Imbalance in human tendencies can lead to violence

Written by Richard Taran
The past several years have seen increased incidences of violence in the schools, in public and the workplace. The aftermaths are the same: shock, grief, looking for answers. The latest event in Tucson, Ariz., was particularly shocking because it involved a political figure.

In our search for answers, we tend to blame our pet peeves as the cause for senseless violence. Of course, there is not just one cause, but rather a complex interaction between human nature and our environment.

There are three tendencies of human nature, which are important pieces of the puzzle to explore. Knowing about them could possibly prevent further school, public and workplace violence. They are tendencies to alter our consciousness, to seek intensity, and to narrow our reality. These tendencies are natural to all people; yet, when exaggerated in the context of addictions, poor judgment, alienation, illness and denial, they can lead to violence. Read More