Sunday, January 23, 2011

Foreclosure Crisis Remedy: A True Inside Job – The Transformation of Consciousness

by Connie Marlow
Is anyone paying attention? Is anyone outraged? If not, go see “Inside Job” a “Wall Street-damning documentary,” as well as “The Company Men.” Both films show that it was not those “greedy homeowners who bought houses they couldn’t afford” that threw this country and the world into the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression. It was Wall Street and the mega-banks, in the crime of the millennium.

Foreclosures have broken all records. Attorneys General throughout the country are conducting investigations into big bank mortgage fraud. Over 5,000,000 homes have been seized so far by banks who in fact lack legal standing to foreclose, and another 5,000,000 homes will likely be seized before this is over. That’s a lot of roofs over a lot of heads. What is happening to all those families? Do you really want to know? It’s a nightmare.

There has been a coup in this country – an insidious takeover facilitated by our belief in bottom-line profit as the only mechanism to prosperity. This Industrial Age mindset has been robbing our children of their spirits for centuries – creating educational systems that provide the workplace with the “survival of the fittest” mentality needed to operate a competitive economic system.

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