Thursday, December 30, 2010

Britain: Coldest December in 100 years

Thermohaline Current
Record Cold Predicted Back in June

There was a massive blizzard in Britain yesterday, closing both London airports. I find it very intriguing that the UK is experiencing its coldest December in 100 years especially as this is what Dr Gianluigi Zangari predicted in July, when he first reported that the Gulf Stream (aka the North Atlantic Drift, aka the Ocean Conveyor Belt, aka the Thermohaline Circulation, aka the Thermohaline Conveyor, aka the Loop Current) that warms Britain during the winter had virtually halted. Without this moderating effect, Britain, at the same latitude as Siberia, would have the same kind of winters. I first blogged about Zangari’s findings back in September (see

Zangari is a Theoretical Physicist at the Ascati Institute in Italy. He has worked for years with a collaborative network of scientists monitoring the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current and its contribution to the Thermohaline Current System that makes the Gulf Stream that becomes the North Atlantic Drift Current. Read More...