Thursday, December 30, 2010

(12/2010) Prophecy And The Earthquakes

By Liz Colado


Prophecy foretells the coming of earthquakes which will dramatically alter the Earth during End Times. Scientists foretell the coming of earthquakes which will dramatically alter the Earth during Climate Change/Global Warming. Sounds similar, doesn’t it?

Science says that global warming will melt ice sheets which could trigger volcanic eruptions. Earthquake faults are affected due to rebounding crust which too could trigger earthquakes. (1)

The warming trends have melted the polar ice cap, raised sea levels, and have caused landslides. The polar ice cap dilemma is such an ownership problem that the United Nations is being called in to help decide upon energy rights. (Bad idea) Sea levels in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico side of the Keys are now 4 inches ABOVE ALL of the docks during high tide. During the time in which the moon affects the tide, the docks are covered by 10 inches of sea water! This phenomenon began about 6 months ago.

John Matson of Scientific American writes, “Melt-driven pressure changes could also bring on more earthquakes. As deposits of Arctic ice grow thinner, those landmasses experience less pressure, whereas rising sea levels increase pressure on coastal regions worldwide. That tipping of the scales, wrote Bill McGuire of University College London, ‘may be sufficient to trigger a geospheric response.’ In past postglacial periods, McGuire noted, melting of ice sheets appears to have set off major seismic activity, as sections of the crust previously burdened by ice rise in a process known as isostatic rebound.” (2, 3)

Keeping this simple: The warming Earth melts the frozen areas, raising the sea levels, placing stress upon the Earth’s crust, which initiates earthquakes and volcanic activity. (4)

The Prophecies:
Bible: The books of Isaiah, Ezekiel, Amos and Zechariah (Old Testament Prophets) mention earthquakes, some related to End Times. (5)

[This scenario matches the I AM America Prophecies.]